Georgian as a Second Language A1


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My GSL offers two courses of `Georgian – A1 Starter and A1+ Beginner courses.

Please view the syllabus in the syllabus section.

Program/Course Description:

Georgian as a Second Language (GSL) – Starter A1 Level (Survival language)

Program designed for students, with no experience in Georgian language. Course Includes 14 lessons. Duration of each class from 60 to 90 minutes.

In the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Greet people
    Introduce themselves and inquire the same information from others Talk about family and personal belongings
    Talk about nationalities and professions
    Talk about drink/food preferences
    Buy food/drink/stationary at the shop
    Order food/drink in a café
    Accept and decline food and drink with culturally appropriate way Take a taxi

Prices may vary according the number of people in the group. Given price is for 1 person per class.

The tutors:

Tamta Tsabadze 

Tamta Graduated from Gori State University (Georgia), faculty of Humanitarian Sciences WITH HONOR. She has been teaching since 2005 at different language centers, international, private, and public schools. Since 2007 she has been working for American State Agency -Peace Corps Georgia as a Georgian language and cultural facilitator (LCF). She has created a lot of grammatical and cultural learning materials (Georgian Language Manuals, Grammatical handouts, Phrasal mini-books, PowerPoint presentations, etc.)

She has rich experience of working with students of different levels and ages. She uses her best practices to explain the most difficult grammar rules easily that makes the students love and enjoy the language and the class. She loves telling some historical backgrounds and etymologies of words that make her class more interesting and clear.

She has been working as a tutor (both, in-person and remote) not only for Americans but for learners from different European countries too. Her students are usually motivated to go on learning the language deeper and their results are always high.

Teaching Georgian language and culture is her passion, that’s why she has dedicated so many years working on this, for personal, professional, and field development. Tamta teaches Georgian for all levels: from A1 to C2.

Marika Tsitskishvili

Marika has graduated from the faculty of English language and literature at “Georgian University of David Agmashenebeli” Tbilisi, Georgia.

She has been teaching Georgian since 2009. She had taught three groups of “Peace Corps” Volunteers (G 9; G 10; G 11) The Co-Author of PC “Georgian Language Handbook”. Marika Had been a mentor teacher, worked in different projects as a Georgian Language teacher, met a lot of people, with different cultures and traditions.

Her passion for and knowledge of Georgian language and creative methods of teaching, is immediately clear to any learner.

Marika teaches all the levels from A1 to C2.

Nana Jirashvili

Nana Jirashvili graduated from Economy and Law Institute of Georgia with a Bachelor’s Degree.

She has been teaching Georgian language at Language School, at American Embassy, at Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia within the project “Teach and Learn with Georgia “(TLG) and at Peace Corps since 2010.

Nana provides learners with simplified grammar rules. She encourages learners to get engaged in speaking activities based on various topics. She helps learners to develop reading as well as listening skills by providing materials relevant to their skills and levels.

She loves teaching. She is very passionate about her teaching job.

Nana teaches all the levels from A1 to C2

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Marika Tsitskishvili, Nana Jirashvili, Tamta Tsabadze



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